Lynn gets lots of phone calls from people who are interested in the salvage grocery business.  They're interested in the details of how the business works, where the product comes from, how the laws work, etc.  In short, most of the calls are from people who think they might want to open a salvage grocery store, but they don't know enough of the details to make the right decision.

       After six months of intensive research into opening a salvage grocery and several years experience actually running one, we've run into many pitfalls and bonuses.  We've learned a lot about the industry, and about how to run a small, independent salvage grocery store.

    We've spent considerable time writing a document describing how we researched and now operate Second Chance Grocery.   Everything from how we found product to buy, how we chose a business location, how we cull and process the product we receive, how we track the bookkeeping items that are peculiar to our industry, etc.  are in this one volume.  

    Some of the other topics we cover in this document are how we got started, where our software came from, how we found shopping carts, how we found a location, how we found used shelving, what laws regulate us, the names and locations of our suppliers (that alone is worth the purchase price), how do the groceries get from there to here, what our choices are in products we buy, terms peculiar to salvage grocery products, expiration dates, the various types of salvage grocery operations, how much does this stuff cost, frozen foods, computers in the operation, etc.  We would have paid a lot for this info years ago when we got started.   

    This document is now available.  Before you invest thousands of dollars in starting a salvage grocery business, you might want to know how we did it.  This volume has the details.  There are lots of "tricks of the trade" that you can learn only by running your own salvage grocery for several years, or by reading this text.   

    There are few places you can get years of research and experience for only $50, but this is one of them.   To purchase your copy, call Lynn at 662-418-4093. 

    This in the ONLY text available anywhere that describes the details on how a salvage grocery store was started and operates.  (Believe me, if there was another one, we would have found it by now!)  Before you spend thousands, spend $50 to make sure this is a type business you even WANT to have your money in.

    Contact Lynn at 662-418-4093, or Lynn@SecondChanceGrocery.Com to purchase your copy.  $50 is the total price, no shipping or handling charges.  The document will be delivered to you via email attachment in your choice of formats. You can choose Adobe (pdf), MS Word (doc), or Word Perfect (wpd).   The document can be delivered to you via US Postal Service on CD for an additional $10.  Suitable payment methods are credit card, money order, or personal check (checks require 10 days to clear).  You can also use Paypal. Send and email to Lynn, and we'll send you the Paypal information.

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